4 Tips To Secure Your Bookings

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4 Tips To Secure Your Bookings

19.03.20 / 14:52

4 Tips To Secure Your Bookings enlightened

Struggling to get your bookings confirmed and to get your equipment fixed for your valuable cargo? Markets are rapidly changing. Carriers are actively revising their sailing schedules and policies. All resulting in an average capacity decrease of 27% 

Here are 4 Tips to enable you to deliver your customers as promised: 


Book your cargo as far ahead as possible. Last minute or spot bookings will carry a larger risk of not being accepted due to lack of equipment for both dry and reefer containers. Even a single day can make a difference.


 To spread risk and keep your product-flow, anticipate new or alternative markets for your goods. For more advice on logistic solutions to additional markets, please contact our local sales team.


Leading goods across Europe? You should take in considering longer waiting times than we are used to at the border crossings.

Go to the link and watch.

Green dotsindicate a relatively short waiting time of only a few minutes.

Orange dots- indicate a slightly longer wait time.

Red dots- indicate long queues of miles.

Blue dots- indicate very long queues (for example: from Germany to Poland there is a queue waiting 13 km)


Contact your local logistics counselor and have them think for and with you. Solutions can be simple, but if you don’t see them you won’t use them.

We, at Allalouf logistics, are here to serve you, especially at difficult times like this.

For your convenience, here is our team contact information.

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