The situation in ports - April 2021

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The situation in ports - April 2021

12.04.21 / 11:07

For several months now, we have been experiencing high congestion  in the ports of Ashdod and Haifa, which has reached its peak in recent weeks. The main challenge in both ports is a lack of manpower and a large show of cargo and ships.An outgrowth of this congestion is manifested in prolonged waiting times of ships outside ports, limiting the amount of loading and unloading of cargo, shipping companies fail to evacuate empty containers which creates an imbalance in many trade areas (lack of containers in other ports worldwide) along with significant disruptions in container ship schedules , RORO  and general cargo vessels.

In light of this, all shipping companies began to impose imbalance levies, peak season levies and other levies,

We recommend that you be updated before placing any order on the latest surcharges and evaluate with advance reservations in order to reserve equipment and space on the ships.

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